Hospital supply:

Rasha Pouyan Shafa Company has been able to maintain its growing trend by using the ability and experience of the company’s managers and experts, as well as the support of the province’s medical and hospital centers.

 Due to the company’s support of hospital s in providing their medical equipment, especially in the field of anesthesia, respiration, infection control, clothing and medical masks in the difficult days of the Corona virus epidemic has been able to gain good popularity among hospitals, medical centers and staff. Acquire treatment at the provincial level and, with their support, take the next steps to improve the level of health and advance its goals.

At present, Rashapooyan Shafa Company continues its activities in the field of production of medical clothes and masks and supply of medical consumables, medical accessories and disinfectant solutions to reputable medical centers and hospitals, and with large and reputable manufacturers and importers such as surgeons. , Salamat Gostaran Pardis Part, Iran Silk Gloves, Sahl Gostaran Darman, Banyan Teb, Rezarad, collaborates with Ban Shimi.

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