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Approaching the 25th anniversary of its presence in medical products market in the region, believing in long-term business landscape and employing qualified staff, as well as improving the level of services and activities, the founders of this economic enterprise has set up, in 2020, a private joint stock company named «RASHA POOYAN SHAFA». Relying on the experience and knowledge of SHAFAPAKHSH successful enterprise, creating useful and constructive links with suppliers, physicians and dentists community, with organizations and institutes in health sector, redefining and reorganizing organizational missions and using modern software and hardware, it has taken a new step toward its economic growth and development.




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our services in rasha pouyan shafa 

Rashapooyan Shafa Company, having a representative of pharmaceutical products and especially specialized products for oral care, has distributed goods in pharmacies and large shopping centers of the province. Furthermore, scientific information to the dentists of the province has been put at the forefront of its work so that it can play an effective function in increasing the level of knowledge and health of the community.

RashaPouyan Shafa Company, as a manufacturer of medical clothing and distributor of medical goods, has always worked closely with hospitals and centers in the province. Rashapooyan Shafa is active in several areas by representing the top suppliers in the country.Rasha Pouyan Shafa Company has been able to maintain its growing trend by using the ability and experience of the company’s managers and experts, as well as the support of the province’s medical and hospital centers.


RashaPouyan Shafa Company, relying on the professional team of its technical technician; Performs items such as: consulting and office design, unit reconstruction, plumbing of facilities and central suction, repair and installation of all dental equipment (unit, autoclave, compressor instrument (turbine, angle, air motor, etc.)).

Production of goods in order to improve the level of public health and also the production of consumer products needed by doctors and dentists is one of the serious activities of RashaPouyan Shafa Company

RASHAPOOYAN SHAFA Company, realizing the importance of content in today’s world, has decided to equip and launch a studio.Some of the activities of this studio include: Animation ,Stopmotion ,Photography ,Prepare video review of products ,Promotional teaser And…

During recent years, an online store  with the following website address, www.rashamarket.net has been designed and launched with the aim of satisfying customers and saving their time and money; so it has been introduced to its public. This store provides all the consumer and durable goods in the field of cosmetics and wellness with accurate information and updated particulars.


short biography

Bachelor of Business Administration 30 years of experience in providing medical and dental equipment Founder and Chairman of the Board (COB) of Directors of Rashapoyan Shafa Company
Chairman of the Board
Master of Business Management Has a background in sales management in medical and dental equipment company Has a long background in selling dental implants and holding related courses Co-founder and sales manager of RASHAPOUYAN SHAFA Company
Company sales manager
PhD in Business Management 20 years of experience in various industrial and commercial enterprises Has a long background in industrial marketing management Co-founder and CEO of RASHAPOUYAN SHAFA Company
Bachelor of Accounting Has a background in expertise and sales management in various companies Has a background in sales management in various companies Co-founder and supply manager of RASHAPOUYAN SHAFA Company
Supply Manager
Master of Information Technology Engineering Has a long background in computer network management Has a background in designing and managing online stores and various websites Co-founder and IT manager of RASHAPOUYAN SHAFA Company
IT Manager
Master of Medical Engineering Has a long background in technical responsibility in the field of medical equipment companies Has a background in managing the sales of medical equipment Co-founder and technical manager of RASHAPOUYAN SHAFA Company
Technical responsible
Bachelor of Mathematics Has a long background in sales and marketing in various companies Has a background in the field of graphics, animation, design and illustration Co-founder and creative director of Rashapoyan Shafa Company
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